What's On at the Museum 

The Victorian Kitchen

A display of Victorian cookery utensils and other quaint and curious artefacts

Victorian Lace

A display of exquisite examples of Victorian lace will be found in Room 1.


A display of flat irons, the type used for ironing clothes, is on show in a glass cabinet in the Junior Room. Examples, some of which are extremely rare, include electrical and steam-heated irons, and even one heated by inserting red-hot charcoal bricks.

Cartes de Visite

In the Victorian Room there is new exhibition of cartes de visite photographs kindly lent by Roger Packham and arranged by Ingrid King. These small albumen prints mounted on cards, largely depicting couples or individuals posed in a studio, were exceptionally popular during the early 19th century as they allowed relatives and friends, for the first time, to exchange portraits by post.


In Room 1 there is an exhibition of fossils from the Cretaceous period, together with an explanatory wallchart, all beautifully put together by assistant curator Ray Butler.

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