Exhibition Rooms

There are four exhibition rooms where we use our own collection for displays, and sometimes host exhibitions from community groups. Younger visitors often like to use the museum trail.

Junior (or Children's) Room

The Junior Room (pictured above) is always popular with children (and grown-ups too!), with plenty of things to do and interesting things to look at. There are all sorts of things to play with, surprise boxes and exhibitions which change constantly.

Bushby (East Surrey) Room

The John Bushby Room (room 4) contains a permanent exhibition about the development of our area from earliest times. It contains sections on geology and fossils, the Stone Age, Bronze and Iron Ages, the Romans in East Surrey, an Anglo-Saxon corner, medieval times and modern history. A great deal of information is packed into the available space, so you may wish to be selective. Quiz sheets are available. The Stone Age exhibit features an original painting by Eileen Bushby showing Stone Age children helping their parents with the tasks of daily life. 

Exhibitions in Rooms 1 & 2

Room 1 (into which you first enter) and the Victorian Room (Room 2) house exhibitions which change regularly, the museum having far too many objects in storage to show them all at once. Room 1 is currently devoted to World War I memorabilia, together with charts displaying the homes and biographies of Caterham soldiers who died in the war. In the Victorian Room we have an exhibition of vintage typewriters, and another of 'cartes de visite', the latter replacing the longstanding pipe display.

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