East Surrey Museum
Information for those visiting during the ongoing pandemic

The museum's management committee, stewards and other volunteers have been working hard to ensure that the museum complies with all government directives, and that your visit will be as safe as it possibly could be. All surfaces likely to be touched by visitors and staff will be regularly sanitized, a one-way system has been installed similar to that found in many shops, and 2-metre social distancing will be enforced. Please also note that the museum will open 30 minutes later than usual, and close 30 minutes earlier.

When you enter the museum a volunteer steward will greet you and provide all the information you will need for your visit, while others will be on hand to make sure everything runs smoothly. However, there are a few things you need to know in advance.

1. It is essential that you wear a face mask at all times.
2. No more than one household, or one independent person, may be present in a room at any one time. A household can consist of up to four people who normally live together. If the household is larger than four, it must divide into smaller groups.
3. You must complete a form (provided) giving your name and contact details, or those of your group, in order to satisfy the government 'Track and Trace' requirements. The form will be retained securely and will be destroyed after 21 days if the information is not required.
4. If there are children in your group, please be aware that objects (toys, books, clothes, etc.) in the children's room, if touched, need to be sanitized or quarantined for 48 hours. This is probably the most difficult and most undesirable of the regulations, so please do your bit to help us as best you can.
5. The museum's toilet facilities will not be available to visitors.
6. For donations to the museum, and purchases from the shop, contactless payment is preferred but not essential.

We sincerely hope that this will not put you off visiting the museum. You can be assured of a specially warm welcome!

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